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Grid - spreadsheet

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There is only a single demo using SmartCL.Grid

The demo is rather nice looking but it seems you cannot edit the cells.

Are there any plans for making a grid or a demo that behaves more like excel? i.e, you can select rows, cells, edit the contents etc

I know that grid components are a massive undertaking but they are quite essential to many business applications.




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I've used the DHTMLXGRID library in the past. See 

Combining this js library with 2 standard php scripts enabled me to provide (web)pages linked to a MySQL db on a cloud server with inline gridcell editing and immediate updates of the db without additional coding.

Works well but looks a bit dated now.



In the latest SMS release there is the SmartCL.DBGrid component, looks like it has editor capabilities.

 @jarto to the rescue for a demo of this unit ?


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