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Stein Oiestad

Database connectors - what to choose ?

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I am new to Smart Mobile Studio, and not an advanced Delphi programmer.

Looking for good tools to create database oriented Web applications.

Right now I understand that DataSnap and RemObjects are the choices you have in SMS.

I just read the post aboutĀ SQL Server Connection by great interest.

My questions:

  1. Have any SMS customers evaluated both RemObjects and DataSnap and have any experience to share ?
  2. I tried the Remobjects Fishtank demo in SMS 3.0, but got an error, runningn precompiled FishFactsIndy.exe.
    "Featured Demos\Business\FishFacts Client\templates\FishFacts.html". The system cannot find the file specified"
    I noticed that SMS created www/index.html - perhaps I need to change something in the Delphi project and recompile.
  3. Does The Smart Company have any formal partnership with RemObjects - perhaps even a coupon/discount ?
  4. Hint: I was a little confused, but now found that the RemObjects SDK has been renamed as Remoting SDK,
    perhaps you rename as well.
  5. Any user stories switching from Delphi with focus on DB dev to SMS ?

Thanks for any answer/comment.


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I haven't tried SMS in combination with DataSnap/RemObjects but I have in combination with mORMot. Speedwise it's at the moment fastest available combination for data handling or displaying. In case you can serve pages filled with data on server sideĀ then you can handle all on mORMot side.

Problem is high learning curve for both mORMot and SMS, so if you need a fast solution then some other solutions may be better fit. If you can spend more time on development you can get great results.

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