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"inline" Keyword?

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Inline is interesting but we have no immediate plans for it. The way JS contexts work makes sub-procedures and anonymous procedures more or less the same thing. Macros in the C/C++ style or templates is much more interesting.

Procedure TForm1.Something;
  x, y, z: integer;
  procedure SomethingElse(const CB: TProcedureRef);
  	if assigned(CB) then
   SomeThingElse( procedure ()
       writeln("Not sure we need inline under JS");


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OK. More curious than anything.

I'm porting an old ANSI C game into SMS (with Node.JS), and I had to sub in functions to mimic some C macro #defines. They're generally one-liners, so inline made sense. As the project continues, though, they'll likely be refactored out.


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