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Size of Components at Runtime

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I'm arranging controls at runtime. But I can't seem to puzzle out what the actual size of a control is. I can find what it *says* it is (read the Height property for instance), but that seems to be only a guess or something.

So what am I doing wrong here?

procedure TShowMessageForm.UpdateUI;
  tMetrics: TW3TextMetric;
  padding, border: integer;
  panelWidth, panelHeight, numButtons, buttonWidth, buttonLeft, buttonTotal: integer;
  var CSSHandle := TW3CustomBrowserAPI.GetComputedStylesFor(FMessagePanel.Handle);
  if (CSSHandle) then
    padding := w3_getPropertyAsInt(CSSHandle, 'paddingLeft');
    border := w3_getPropertyAsInt(CSSHandle, 'borderLeft');
    padding := 2;
    border := 2;
  FMessageLabel.Caption := FMessageText;
  tMetrics := FMessageLabel.MeasureText(FMessageText + 'XXX');
  FMessageLabel.SetSize(border + padding + tMetrics.tmWidth + padding + border,
    border + padding + tMetrics.tmHeight + padding + border);
  FMessageLabel.Top := 0;
  FMessageLabel.Left := 0;
  panelWidth := (border + padding) + FMessageLabel.Width + (padding + border);
  panelHeight := (border + padding) + FMessageLabel.Height + (padding + border);
  if ButtonsVisible then
    numButtons := ButtonCount;
    buttonWidth := SizeButtons;
    buttonTotal := (buttonWidth * numButtons) + (padding * (numButtons - 1));
    panelWidth := Max(panelWidth, (padding + border) + buttonTotal + (padding + border));
    buttonLeft := (panelWidth - buttonTotal) div 2;
    if FMessageOKButton.Visible then
      FMessageOKButton.Left := buttonLeft;
      FMessageOKButton.Top := panelHeight + padding;
      Inc(buttonLeft, FMessageOKButton.Width + padding);
    if FMessageCancelButton.Visible then
      FMessageCancelButton.Left := buttonLeft;
      FMessageCancelButton.Top := panelHeight + padding;
      Inc(buttonLeft, FMessageCancelButton.Width + padding);
    panelHeight += FMessageOKButton.Height + padding;
  FMessagePanel.Width := panelWidth;
  FMessagePanel.Height := panelHeight;

I'm guessing I'm going about adding in the padding and border widths wrong.

The buttons are the worst offenders. Just because they *say* their X wide doesn't mean they are. They are *really* X+(some-random-effing-N).

I appreciate any assistance.


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@DavidRM Your code seems to have a lot of calculations about padding. Smart Mobile Studio uses  positionmode pmSmart as default, which means that the RTL takes care of margins and paddings. I made a post about it here:


Edit: Also added a new page to documentation about this: https://smartmobilestudio.com/documentation/getting-started/smart-mobile-studio-box-model-positionmode-margin-border-padding-etc/


I'll be happy to help if you have any questions.

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@jarto OK. How do I set the ClientWidth and ClientHeight without calculating all the padding and margins?

For example: I need the ClientWidth of the panel to be wide enough to fit the text of the label. I need the ClientHeight of the panel to be tall enough to fit the label and a row of buttons. And, yes, I would like the current stylesheet to provide the margins and padding between the components.



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  var Btn1:=TW3Button.Create(ParentPanel); Btn1.Caption:='Ok';
  var Btn2:=TW3Button.Create(ParentPanel); Btn2.Caption:='Cancel';
  //Create label but don't give it a size
  var Lab2:=TW3Label.Create(ParentPanel);
  //OnResize will be triggered when we set the label text.
  Lab2.OnResize:=procedure(Sender: TObject)
      //Resize based on label size and add 40 px for button row
      var PHeight:=Lab2.Height+40+ParentPanel.Height-ParentPanel.ClientHeight;
      var PWidth:=Lab2.Width+ParentPanel.Width-ParentPanel.ClientWidth;
      //Resize the buttons
      var BtnWidth:=ParentPanel.ClientWidth div 2;
  Lab2.Caption:='A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!';

So, basically we let the label autosize itself and react to it in OnResize.

Label's Width and Height returns how much space it takes.

When we resize the panel, Width-ClientWidth  (and Height-ClientHeight) returns how much space the padding, margin and border takes.

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