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Smart Mobile Studio 3.0 executable is compressed with an older UPX compressor

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I did a little bit of research of SmartMS.exe binary. I noticed that it has been compressed with outdated UPX v3.08 (Dated on 2011-12-13 almost 7 years old).  33 2E 30 38 00 55 50 58 21 -> 3.08.UPX!.

In this case some antivirus programs/software might recognize the UPX Compressed binaries as if a threat for the most windows OSes, which is not.

I think, the best way is to compress executable with most recent versions of UPX. Please see it here at https://upx.github.io/

I hope this short information will help for further development.

Thank you.

Sincerely Kosta.

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