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I needed to catch mobile double-tap events. 

There is no such thing as a double-tap event, therefore I used the code below to translate double taps (rapid consecutive touchstarts) into double-clicks. Which works fine.

var window external 'window': variant;
var Twice : boolean := false;
procedure tapHandler(e: variant);


procedure tapHandler(e: variant);
  //replaces double taps (consecutive touchstart events) into dblclicks
  if not Twice then begin
    Twice := true;
    Window.setTimeout( procedure() begin Twice := false; end, 300 );
  end else begin
    var event: variant;
    asm @event = new Event('dblclick'); end;

//usage: replace double taps (consecutive touchstart events) into dblclicks
<element>.handle.addEventListener('touchstart', procedure(e:variant) begin tapHandler(e); end);


Question : does the regular rtl event manager cover double-taps ?



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