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Smart Mobile Studio 3.0.1 is released!

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Smart Mobile Studio 3.0.1 is released

This is the first release since 3.0. Biggest new feature is TW3LeafletMap, which lets you use OpenStreetMap. As it does not need API keys (like TW3GoogleMaps), it’s really fast and easy to use:

– Create a project
– Add a TW3LeafletMap -control on the form
– Set AutoCreateMap to true on the map control

Changes since 3.0


– EventManager:
– Add procedure AllowDefaultAction, that can be called from OnClick when the default
action should happen. For example: To let the virtual keyboard to pop up from OnTouch.
– Bug fixes:
– Native scrolling was prevented if scrolling was done from an unknown element.
– Prevent an extra OnClick from being fired on mobile devices.
– TW3ListView: Bug fix to resizing of items.
– Bug fixes to GeoLocation. Also update the Geolocation demo.
– Deprecate PhoneGapAPI’s JGeolocation functions. SmartCL.GeoLocation.pas should be used instead.
– Fix slider so that OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp and OnMOuseMove can be used.
– TW3TabControl Tab’s OnShow was sent twice for the first tab
– SmartCL.RegEx moved to System.RegEx. Also fixed TW3RegEx.Exec to return a proper empty array instead of nil.
– Bug fix to Chart: TSeriesData.Refresh now also updates the X axis
– TW3Grid:
– Added TW3ImageColumn
– Add Alignment-property to TW3ColumnHeader
– Added a new OnCellControlCreated-event, which fires when a button, toggle, progress bar or image is created.
Makes it possible to change properties of the control easily.
– Added support for OpenStreetMap using the Leaflet library:
– New control: TW3LeafletMap
– New featured demo: LeafletMap

– Fixed search path compilation issues
– Relative and absolute paths are working now
– Compiler is updated when search path is modified in options
– $I will look for include file in the project folder first
– $R supports absolute paths, wildcards, folder name extension and ($Libraries) macro
– Fix exceptions in Search
– Upgrade to UPX 3.95


– SmartCL.Effects: Properly handle padding and margins while doing effects.


– Fix to css-files for selected text in TW3Edit and TW3Memo

Release notes and installers: https://smartmobilestudio.com/2018/11/08/smart-mobile-studio-3-0-1-released/

Note that you can also use SmartUpdate to keep your portable installation up to date. Instructions on using that are in the link above.

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When I ran SmartUpdate, my changelog shows




- Two new featured demos: SmartDesk and SmartDeskServer.
- Added self signed test certificates to Https ServerExample.
- Remove default CrossOrigin from TW3Image as it caused problems with embedded Chrome.


before and after the update.  The update was very small and didnt include anything about the Map control.

I ran it again and got no new changes  - All Files up to date!  

Running the EXE and the title bar still shows 2.9.9.X

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3 minutes ago, IElite said:

I deleted everything from my folder except the SmartUpdate.Exe , Projects folder (which I renamed),  and license file  and Now I have options for MASTER, Alpha, BETA. channels etc.

I have always been using Alpha, when did we switch over to Master?

When 3.0 was released.

You can also do "SmartUpdate /changechannel" to change to master.

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4 minutes ago, jarto said:

When 3.0 was released.

You can also do "SmartUpdate /changechannel" to change to master.


Interesting, iI had no problem getting 3.0 and  have been on 3.0 since its release

No, I could not change channels, it was only offering Alpha -

until I deleted everything of course - and started over, now its offering all the channels

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