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Google has implemented a new service : web.dev

Basically this measures some indicators of any url using their LightHouse tool.

These indicators are grouped into Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO


I created a minimal SMS project with only a single image on a form and run the test :

https://web.dev/measure and url https://www.lynkfs.com/Experiments/lighthouse/www/

This gives scores of 95 / 27 / 77 / 89 for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO respectively


There are a couple of really simple things which will up these scores considerably.

Scores were upped to 96 / 74 / 92 / 100 when doing this :

Best Practices from 77 to 92 :
1) in project options/linker unclick 'generate cache manifest' (deprecated)

Performance from 95 to 96 :
1) in project options/linker unclick 'store CSS as a separate file'  (95 to 96)
2) add async to <script async src="lib/polyfill.custom.events.js" type="text/javascript"></script> in the index.html template

SEO from 89 to 100 :
1) add meta description tag to the head of index.html
<meta name="Description" content="Put your description here.">

Accessability from 27 to 74 :
1) add alt attribute to images, even if only ''  :   W3Image1.handle.setAttribute('alt', ''); (27 to 58)
2) add lang="en" to html element in index.html template : <html lang="en">   (58 to 74)
3) tabindex=1 for TW3Display and TW3DisplayView. Should be 0 ?

run test again on url https://www.lynkfs.com/Experiments/lighthouse2/www/ to see these results


All of the above could be made part of the standard settings for a new visual project



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