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TW3ListMenu items displaying

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I have this test code for creating a ListMenu when the user clicks the menu glyph\button

procedure TForm1.HandleMenuBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
var Item: TW3ListMenuItemText;
 fListMenu:= TW3ListMenu.Create(self);
 fListMenu.OnSelected:=  HandleMenuItemSelected;
 fListMenu.SetBounds(fHeader.ClientWidth-150, 50, 150, 200);
  Item:= fListMenu.AddTextItem('One');
  Item:= fListMenu.AddTextItem('Two');
  Item:= fListMenu.AddTextItem('Three');
  Item:= fListMenu.AddTextItem('Four');
  Item:= fListMenu.AddTextItem('Five');

However, when the menu displays, the user can see the drawing of the menu items with the captions all with the TW3ListMenuItem ClassName before it displays the  'One', 'Two', 'Three', etc


it is annoying, I tried to use BeginUpdate & EndUpdate to mask it, but it did not work

any suggestions?

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I saw that and was contemplating on commenting it out, but when i tested it, it does remove the classnames, but it doesn't remove that fraction of a second where the menu is drawn with blank captions before adding the captions I created.  :)   But it works good enough for me :)


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