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Smart Mobile Studio 3.0.2 is released!

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Smart Mobile Studio 3.0.2 is released. This version contains all the fixes and improvements from the development-channel. There are lots of bug fixes and improvements to the IDE thanks to all the help from our users here.

The Smart Mobile Studio team wants to with everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Release notes:


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SMS 3.0.2 portable version

a) Simple click at https://smartmobilestudio.com/download/3.0.2/setup.exe to install SMS 3.0.2 and install at "C:\smartms"

b) move all files and directories from "C:\Users\All Users\The Smart Company\Smart Mobile Studio" to the folder "C:\smartms"

c) create a file called "settings.ini" at the directory "C:\smartms"



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37 minutes ago, Dany said:


How can i know *exactly* what DWScript build is compiled into a given version of SMS?



We are using the Development version 2.3 with custom bug fixes to the date handling routines. They fix the time zone related problems mentioned here:

I don't exactly know when the latest DWS was cloned, but we've used the same version (besides those fixes) for at least 2 years.

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Thank for the quick response. Brilliant!

Sorry, what i meant was what build, i.e. what commit is compiled into the version i am using.

I have been compiling a huge project using only DWScript. But with >3.0 i can point to other libraries so i was thinking to try SMS 3.0.

However, there are some stuff in the sources (my sources) that may rely on very recent DWScript changes.

This is why i would like something like "DWScript 4f4b8f2 2019-03-15" in the About. Or if i can glean this information from somewhere else.




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Missed sample of DWScript commit notation
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