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File open errors when using project search path

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I'm using the latest version from the development channel.

When using project search path, SMS is not able to locate units when clicking on the error message. Ctrl-Click (or Ctrl-Enter) a unit name is not working either. Also when using File/Open the unit will be opened as the last tab, but not switched to. It took a while before I noticed it.

Another annoying issue is that when a unit is updated from an external source, SMS will not detect it and offer to reload. 

I only use relative paths in project search path.



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Attached is a simple project with a Cw.Client.Core unit i a subdirectory Client. I've made an error in the Cw.Client.Core and when I try to compile i reports that the Cw.Client.Core not found. Also Ctrl-Click is not working and File/Open... will open the untiu but not shift to the tab sheet.




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