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Mixing Javascript and SMS

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I have been using ASM blocks in my project and find that I want to mix javascript and SMS. Below are two use cases.

  1. In an ASM block I would like to set a SMS attribute on a SMS object like a button doing something like TW3Button.Visible := True
  2. In an ASM blick I would like to call a SMS procedure or function to complete some common actions

Below is my psuedo code which I am hoping someone can correct and give some guidance on. I'm just looking for enough to be dangerous.....

EXAMPLE 1: Set attribute on button.

	// Unsure how to do this here to call back to a button in SMS
	@W3Button1.Visible = True

Example 2: Call SMS function from a javascript block

procedure TForm.DoSomething;
	ShowMessage('Doing something');

procedure TForm.OnButtonClick(Sender: TObject);

For me this is the simplest I can make it which will help better understand the javascript-SMS links. I am hopeful that you understand, for these examples, it is not exactly how I'm using them, but for understanding I thouhgt this was the easiest examples I could do.



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Example 2 : see below (first post in that thread) for some function call examples


Example 1 : depends on what attribute.

In your example you want to manipulate the visibility property of a button. These types of properties usually are mapped on a property or attribute of the underlying DOM-element. In this case you could use the style element visibility : W3Button1.handle.style.visibility := 'hidden' / 'visible'. 

'handle' is the doorway between object pascal on the left hand side and the dom on the right hand side. No need for an asm block here. 

you can go the other way  too :

  var x : variant := W3Button1.handle;

but you can't directly manipulate the properties of an object pascal object, as in asm @W3Button1.Visible = true

Of course you can do some conditional js coding and execute object pascal code (like W3Button1.Visible := true;) depending on the return outcomes.


Out of habit I suppose I try to minimise the use of asm blocks (although there is nothing wrong with using them). 

The only times I have to use them if a js object doesn't have a create constructor but instead can only be instantiated by the 'new' keyword

  var formData : variant; 
  asm  @formData = new FormData();  end;
  //from here all methods and attributes of the js object are accessible outside an asm block     
  formData.append("userfile", EditBox1.handle.files[0]);

or wrapping a js function. (you can set @result in an asm block)



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