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WebSocket Srv in Node

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Question about Node classes, what is the difference between TNJWebSocketServer in SmartNJ.WebSocket and one in SmartNJ.Server.WebSocket?


I'm trying to create a kind of hybrid app, with two modes, client (standard SMS web client) and server (NodeJS server(with regular client as a GUI).

App starts as a standard web client, displaying some data from server, depending on config it should start a NodeJS server as well (to which other clients in same LAN will connect).

That of course doesn't work in browser so I was thinking of building it with nativefier since I've noticed it packages NodeJS (as dll) in the bundle.

However I haven't managed to do it yet, nativefier produce standalone app, and client (GUI) works but server part does not. Server code is fine since it works when started through Node. 

If anyone worked more with nativefier or has any idea how to make it done I would appreciate it.

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Thanks, this looks like exacatly what I need.

I've been trying whole day to make it work and it's always failing with warning that require is not recognized.

It seems to me that NWjs developers do not test on Windows since with their exact steps (and code) app cannot even start, I'll try with other versions, hopefully there is one that works.


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