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UI layout

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For me the most frustrating aspect of using SMS is layouts. Putting together anything beyond a trivial UI takes ages and is very frustrating to achieve.

The Tlayout is not intuitive, it has weird and unexplainable side effects and takes a long time to get it right. Once you have it working then generally it is fine.

We really need to have a more intuitive system to allow easy to create and maintain UI.

I believe simple anchor (left, top, right, bottom)m, Align and "alignWithMargin" like Delphi has would be a great bonus to SMS.

I have no idea what would be involved, or how much work it would be, but I would love to see this being developed.


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Yes I am hoping that a more robust and intuitive solution is made available.

I have it sorted for my current project but it took quite a while to get it right, much much longer than it should have.


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