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For me the most frustrating aspect of using SMS is layouts. Putting together anything beyond a trivial UI takes ages and is very frustrating to achieve.

The Tlayout is not intuitive, it has weird and unexplainable side effects and takes a long time to get it right. Once you have it working then generally it is fine.

We really need to have a more intuitive system to allow easy to create and maintain UI.

I believe simple anchor (left, top, right, bottom)m, Align and "alignWithMargin" like Delphi has would be a great bonus to SMS.

I have no idea what would be involved, or how much work it would be, but I would love to see this being developed.


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The development-channel contains a new update that adds Align and Anchor-support in the RTL. We still have some work to do to get the Visual Designer and Object Inspector to support these properly. While we work on that, you can still use these by setting anchors in code. Align can actually be set in the Object Inspector, but do note that setting the alignment does not make any visual changes in the Visual Designer.

I'm going to be travelling for a bit more than a week.. During that time I'll be able to participate in this forum but can't make any changes or bug fixes. If you happen to find situations when Anchors and Align does not work properly, please post examples. I'll be happy to have a look when I return from my trip.

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