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restrict width of page?

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I am using a Tlayout to layout my UI. However, if the browser is on a very wide screen it stretches out to the width of the screen.


I see two easy options. Restrict the width of the whole page (preferred) But I couldn't get that to work, I tried

the following in the template

.content {
  max-width: 100px;
  margin: auto;
  <body><?pas=Compiler.LinkedScriptTag?><div class="content">
  <!-- Page content -->

The other easy option would be to set a maxwidth for the layout - but I couldn't get that to work either. I tried setting a width, and padding. Width seemed to be ignored and padding made some of the components (client type) format in weird ways.

So, how can I restrict the max width of the app? Or, how I can set a max width on the tlayout?


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Set something like this in InitializeForm:

  Handle.style['max-width'] := '500px'; //Whatever you want your limit to be
  Handle.style['left'] := '50%';
  Handle.style['transform'] := 'translateX(-50%)';

Then it's only a matter of setting the style and color of TW3DisplayView to something nice.

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Thanks that worked ok - except it would offset the form when the form was reactivated.


So instead I used the following in resize and that seems to work in my project which has 3 forms.


procedure CentreForm(f : TW3Form);
const scrwdth = 600;
  if f.ClientWidth> scrwdth then
    var p := (f.ClientWidth - scrwdth) div 2;
    p := round((p / scrwdth) * 100);

    f.Handle.style['max-width'] := inttostr(scrwdth)+'px';
    f.Handle.style['left'] := '50%';
    f.Handle.style['transform'] := 'translateX('+inttostr(p)+'%)';


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