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Another GumRoad License Problem

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Hi Guys,

I too have recently been charged by GumRoad for the yearly renewal of my SMS license.

I was still running V2.x and have just tried to install V3.0.2 - but my GumRoad license is "invalid".

I've tried emailing ja@smartmobilestudio.com, to request an updated license key, but the email has just bounced back.

Please advise on how best to proceed - I'm looking forward to trying out all the new stuff in SMS V3.x

Best Regards,



Jon (KultiVator)

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Also: use jea@ to adress me, and jt@ to adress Jarto. Noone uses ja@ around here 😉

Best thing would be to use support@. Then the whole team will be notified, and we won't loose the request. It will be kept and tracked in Zendesk.



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