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Probably not the most inspiring topic, but just sharing a menu component I needed for some project.

There are quite a few css based menu components around, but I wanted to have a pure smart one.

This one has an unlimited number of submenus and is instantiated as a hamburger menu on a toolbar


  Hamburger := TCHMenu.Create(self);

  //nodes : id,parent,description,procedure
  Hamburger.Add('root','','Hamburger menu');       //root
  Hamburger.Add(  'projects','root','Projects');
  Hamburger.Add(    'project0','projects','New project');
  Hamburger.Add(    'project1','projects','Open project');
  Hamburger.Add(    'project2','projects','Delete project');
  Hamburger.Add(  'designers','root','Designer');
  Hamburger.Add(    'designer0','designers','Domain info',clickproc);   //<== execproc
  Hamburger.Add(    'designer1','designers','Data development');
  Hamburger.Add(    'designer5','designers','Goal Metrics');
//some test cases below
  Hamburger.Add(      'test','project0','test3');            // test level 3
  Hamburger.Add(    'designer5','designers','Goal Metrics');     //test on double entries
  Hamburger.Add(  'test0','root','test',procedure begin writeln('clickproc'); end);  //test on no children
  Hamburger.Add(    'designer6','designers','extra test');       //test on out of order

demo and project files on the .../Menu subdir



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