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Node.js API in a Visual Components Project

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I want to write an app in SMS an convert it to a executable with Nativefier. For this I created a Visual Components Project. Now I want to read a file form the filesystem. I tried it with NodeFsAPI.writeFileSync, but this throws an exception "require is not defined".

It is clear that it won't work in the browser, but the behavior is the same when I created an .exe with  Nativefier.

Is there a way to use the NodeJS APIs this way?

Thank You

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You're pushing the boundaries here and probably too far if you want to write directly from a client.

If you only need to read a file you can do that in a couple of ways, see this post

Otherwise also have a look at SmartCL.Require.pas, this article, this post and this post and even https://nwjs.io/ to see if that helps in any way.

Keep us posted


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