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Expand Combobox using code

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Basically the <select> element where the combobox is based on, is under control of the browser. And can't be manipulated from pascal/js.

There is a hack (there is a hack for everything) to fake it :

procedure TForm1.InitializeForm;
  // this is a good place to initialize components

  var W3ComboBox1 : Tw3ComboBox := TW3ComboBox.Create(self);
  W3ComboBox1.Add('line 1');
  W3ComboBox1.Add('line 2');
  W3ComboBox1.Add('line 3');
  W3ComboBox1.handle.style['opacity'] := 0;

  var W3Panel1 : TW3Panel := TW3Panel.Create(self);
  W3Panel1.handle.style['z-index'] := 0;
  W3Panel1.handle.setAttribute('class','');  //get rid of all styling

  var W3Button1 : TW3Button := TW3Button.Create(W3Panel1);
  W3Button1.Caption := 'MyButton';

  W3ComboBox1.OnChanged := procedure (Sender: TObject)
    W3Button1.Caption := W3ComboBox1.Items[W3ComboBox1.SelectedIndex];


works on Chrome and other browsers. Works on mobile too


Wouldn't recommend it though ....

edited :

as per @IElite suggestion: it would also be possible to make the combobox invisible, read its items on the click of a button and display them in a listbox or memo.

Better, in my opinion and if really necessary, is to create a dedicated control which does exactly what you want, based on a listbox rather than on a <select> htmlelement


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