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Firefox Form Transition Issues with - MultipleForms Demo

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I have upgraded to the latest DEVELOPMENT channel version After I upgraded SMS, the form transitions stopped working and I could not get the app to move smoothly to another form.

For fun, I tested the MultipleForms demo and got almost the same results. When clicking Button2 to transition to a form created by the application, nothing happens. When you click on the second button that creates a form on the fly and then transitions to it does work, but then you can't transition back to the first form.

In the demo app, this is the line of code that is not working for the auto created secondary form.

Application.GotoForm('Form2', feFromRight);

In the Firefox console, the following message is displayed for the MultipleForms demo.

Will-change memory consumption is too high. Budget limit is the document surface area 
multiplied by 3 (535500 px). Occurrences of will-change over the budget will be ignored.

Can anyone shed any light and what can be done to fix this? I have some changes I need to make to the project, but this is the only item that is holding that up.

Are there any other options to transition to a different form that works in Firefox.

Of course all of this works in Chrome and Explorer without any issues. Thanks for the help.


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Thanks. I'll have a look right away.

This may be because of changes that I made to fix fxMove in Firefox. The changes were done to SmartCL.Effects.pas:

@@ -1276,20 +1276,20 @@ begin
   if Alternate then
     FAnimationCmd += ' alternate';
-  style[BrowserAPI.prefix('Animation')] := FAnimationCMD;
-  style[BrowserAPI.prefix('AnimationFillMode')] := 'both';
+  style['animation'] := FAnimationCMD;
+  style['animation-fill-mode'] := 'both';
 procedure TW3CSSTransitionEffect.FinalizeTransition;
   var style := Target.Handle.style;
-  style[BrowserAPI.prefix('Animation')] := 'none';
-  style[BrowserAPI.prefix('AnimationFillMode')] := '';
+  style['animation'] := 'none';
+  style['animation-fill-mode'] := '';
   if not Sticky then
-    style.removeProperty(BrowserAPI.prefix('Animation'));
-    style.removeProperty(BrowserAPI.prefix('AnimationFillMode'));
+    style.removeProperty('animation');
+    style.removeProperty('animation-fill-mode');
     FAnimationCmd := '';
   inherited FinalizeTransition;

Edit2: Nope, that's not the reason. Gotta check next, if the Form animations use the same wrong CSS that I fixed in fxMove.

Edit3: Yep, same reason. There are still some old BrowserAPI.prefix-code to change. Similar changes like above.

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