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Tim Koscielski

TW3StringGrid and TW3Grid Issues wtih Scrolling in Firefox

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I use TW3StringGrid in a project and I just noticed that when the grid has more rows than space to display them, the scrollbar shows, but the grid won't show the scrolled data in Firefox. This works fine in Chrome and Edge.

I tested this in the DEV channel and I am using version I also tried the two sample apps, "StringGrid Demo" and "GridProject" and they both have the same issue only in Firefox.

Any ideas on what I am missing? Firefox was version 70.0 64 bit.


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Found the reason. The browser specific CSS transformation for Firefox is wrong. There are two ways I can fix this: I can simply fix the Firefox transformation or then remove the browser specific CSS and go with generic CSS.

It may be a better idea to change all to use generic CSS. It may break some really old browsers, but modern ones are going to stop supporting these soon anyway.

Gonna fix this today and push an update in the evening.

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