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Accessing W3IFrameHTMLElement URL Clicks

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25 minutes ago, COMFIED said:

I have a W3IFrameHTMLElement with content that contains URL links.

Is there a way to format the URL links in W3IFrameHTMLElement content so that I can click on them and access within the web app?

Another way of asking the same question: Can I pass parameters via URL without reloading the web app?

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  MyDiv.InnerHtml:='<a id="MyLink1" href="www.example.com/whatever">Click in me</a>';
  var MyHandle:=BrowserAPI.document.getElementById('MyLink1');
  if (MyHandle) then begin
    MyHandle.onclick:=procedure(event: JEvent)

Edit: And you can get the link by accessing MyHandle.href when that event fires.

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