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Daniel Eiszele

Nodejs https ciphers out of date

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Connection to the Nodejs https server demo project doesn't appear to be possible in its current incarnation?  The error I get back from chrome seems to suggest that the ciphers in the SmartNJ.Server.https.pas unit are incorrect or out of date.  If I update them with the values from the Nodejs documentation then it compiles and works as expected.  The current values (V12/V13) are included below.  Out of interest, can anyone else connect to the https demo without adjustment?

  _Common_CIPHERS = [

  _Common_BlackList = [


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Edit: There are two reasons for problems:

  1. Expired (and self signed) ssl certificate, which the browsers are warning about. You can bypass the warning and accept the self signed certificate.
  2. There's a bug in TNJHTTPSServer.Dispatch SmartNJ.Server.Https.pas. I fixed this very same issue in http ages ago but didn't realize that the same bug was in https as well. The correct code is below
procedure TNJHTTPSServer.Dispatch(request: JServerRequest; response: JServerResponse);
  if assigned(OnRequest) then
    var LRequest := TNJHttpRequest.Create(self,request);
    var LResponse := TNJHttpResponse.Create(self,response);
      OnRequest(self, LRequest, LResponse);
      on e: exception do
        Raise ENJHttpServerError.CreateFmt
        ('Dispatch failed, system threw exception %s with message [%s]',
        [e.ClassName, e.Message]);

When I use this fix and accept the self signed certificate, the demo works,

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