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open external link in new tab of browser

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This seems like an embarrassingly simple question but I can't figure it out.

All I want is to be able to have the user click a button and open a URL in a new tab in their browser

I cannot find any examples and searching throws up everything but a solution.


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The other possible downside of using window.open is that it depends on the users browser setting whether it opens a new tab or a new window.

This behaviour cannot be determined by js, it is dependent on the user.

While chrome seems to favour using the tab-mechanism, other browsers don't. I've tested a couple which resulted in 'pop-up blocked' messages

Also mobile browsers don't have tabs, so they will spawn a new window at best.

(There is something called the tab-api, which gives granular tab processing under program control. This is used for developing browser extensions, which I have never done. It may or may not be possible to use that api in SMS, although I suspect that even if it does, it will have ramifications)

Another possible option is of course using an iFrame element on the form. Depends on your requirements

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4 hours ago, Czar said:

@jartothanks that answer was something like I was expecting.


However, just so you are aware, when I have browserapi.window. then open is not an option by code insight. See image attachment







Try using BrowserApi.Windowobject.open( ) instead. Note that "window" is of type THandle which means you can utilise any valid javascript method/property on it, but code completion will not work. "Windowobject" on the other hand is of type Jwindow and is built with code completion in mind. 

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