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To whom it may concern,

I purchased a license back in Jan 2019 for SMS, not really felt i could produce anything on business quality with it. I am thinking about purchasing again when and if version 4.0 comes out, if i haven't moved onto something else by then ;)

Not get me wrong i think what has been done for one person is great.

Few points.:-

1. There is no upgrade prices on the store.

2. Documentation is very much needed. 

3. I am using at present and  it still has the display issue on selecting an object on top of another object but i have worked out how to do this without causing crashes. .

4. I noticed in a post that you needed help and were willing to contract out some work as you didnt want to open source the IDE. Did this work out or didn't you go down that road.


PS please dont take this as a negative post. I am very positive about your product just a little frustrated that i cant use it fully yet. But i am getting better at overcoming issues :)








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Hi Dean. I strongly suggest that you'd start using the Alpha-branch, which is the upcoming 4.0 -version. It is by far superior to version 3. Not only does it have the new visual designer, but also properly working anchors and align and lots of bug fixes. As you do have an active license, you can easily install it in another folder on your computer without having to remove the current version.

As long as you have an active subscription, you can install all the new versions, including version 4. Hence, there's no upgrade prize.

Yes, I do agree that documentation is needed. 😔

If you're interested to do contract work, please do send me an e-mail to jt at smartmobilestudio.com introducing yourself. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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