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ide browser sensing

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On 3/29/2020 at 7:57 AM, Daniel Eiszele said:

I imagine the smartmobilestudio team could alter the "UserAgent" Header sent with html requests to  include some parse-able content that identifies it as the internal browser?

Altering UserAgent is probably the best way to go as otherwise we want to keep the Internal Browser as close to a real browser as possible. @lynkfs may I ask why you need to detect this?

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I'm working on a project which has 2 (inter)faces : one where the user is in a design phase, and one where the end-result is being displayed

The idea is that there will be users in the role as designer, and other users which will be just using the end result. 
These other users should not even be aware of the design environment

I'm looking for the best way to distinguish between these 2 states. In principle this could be solved by

  • dividing the project into 2 separate projects
  • letting the user switch between these environments at will (like selecting a menu item, maybe login protected)
  • have a 'switch' parameter in the url (like /index.html?switch=design)

I was looking at the option where the switch would be dependent on browser detection (ide browser or any other browser)

Exploring options

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