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Align Issue in latest Alpha Version -

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I just downloaded this version and opened a project that was using various Align features. The project when run was not displaying items as I expected. So I tried something simple.

1) Created a new project

2) On the form placed a TW3Panel and aligned it with the Top (alTop) Changed the color to red just to visual see this panel at runtime ---- This works....

3) Placed a TW3Label inside the TW3Panel and selected align left (alLeft). When I run the project, the label is not visible.

4) If the change the label to align none (alNone), it displays in the panel just fine as expected.

5) If I place more controls in the panel like a button and set aligns to alLeft or alRight, strange things are happening.

If you need the project let me know, but I hope it is easy enough for you to create a project from scratch.  When I updated the Alpha version, it looked like the updater ran OK, but I can try other things if you think it is something with my update vs. the framework.


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@Tim Koscielski Thank you. I can reproduce the problem. Resizing the form will do, which means that something goes wrong during the initial resize right after the form has been created. Gonna have a look.

Edit: Can you try removing this from line 4595 in SmartCL.Components.pas and see if it fixes the problem?

RemoveFromComponentState([csAligning]); //Remove this line


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Yes, if I make the change and comment out that line, the items do align correctly on the initial form create.

And if I leave that line enabled, you are correct that when I resize the window, they do draw correctly.

Now that you know where the issue is, I feel great that you'll come up with a solution to accommodate. The progress you have made recently with this stuff is great and I have been enjoying working with this .

And to be honest, I am using the Alpha track for production development and I had just gotten used to not leaving a way to revert back to the prior version. This time it got me. <grin>

Thanks for all you do.

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