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panel native scrolling

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I have a panel which contains a lot of content. When i use:


on windows scrolling is OK and firefox and chrome shows scrollbars. But when i test it on my android phone with chrome, scrollbars aren't displayed. How can i show vertical scrollbars so the user can understand there is content below?

And there is tw3verticalscrollbar visual control on scrolling tab, how to use it?
And what are the difference between tw3scrollbox and tw3nativescrollbox? How to use tw3scrollbox? I need documentation about using most of the controls.

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TW3ScrollBox is a scroll box, where you have moreĀ  control over how scrolling is done and what indicators you can use. In this control, scrolling is done by code, so the control looks and behaves the same way on different browsers and mobile devices.

TW3NativeScrollBox is basically just a normal div-element, where we set the necessary properties to make it scrollable. But the browsers and mobile devices themselves do the scrolling. So scroll speed and how things look like vary between devices. For example, in mobile devices there are not usually any scroll bars to save space.

I'm not sure which version of SMS you're using. The earlier versions of TW3ScrollBox required that you created evertything inside it's Content and called UpdateContent so it would recalculate everything. In newer versions it became easier to use.

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