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Usually I try to steer away from external frameworks. They seldom provide exactly what is needed and are difficult to modify.

An exception may be the ionic framework. It is an open source ui toolkit with some nice elements in it. The good thing is that their components subtly change depending on which platform they are used on.

The following code uses 2 Ionic components : a button and an extremely elegant selector

  var iobutton : TIonicButton := TIonicButton.Create(self);
  iobutton.color := 'primary';
  iobutton.fill := 'outline';
  iobutton.caption := 'mybutton';
  iobutton.onclick := procedure(sender:TObject)
      showmessage((sender as TIonicButton).caption);

and the selector

  var iofab : TIonicFab := TIonicFab.Create(self);

  iofab.mainIcon   := 'share';
  iofab.topIcon    := 'logo-vimeo';
  iofab.bottomIcon := 'logo-facebook';
  iofab.leftIcon   := 'logo-instagram';
  iofab.rightIcon  := 'logo-twitter';

  iofab.right.button.onclick := lambda showmessage('twitter'); end;

See demo here


The code for both the button and the selector component in unit2/3 of this project


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