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Starting database app development

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I need some help /guidance / perhaps there is sample app out there......

What I have done in past is start witha CRM app in Delphi .  I want to recreate that.  From what I have read I need to setup a REST API server to provide the app data Whether a PHP app or a Node.js server.      I nned some help or a colaborator that can provide guidance or example on how to do this.    The app I am starting with is kind of a base app that I base all kinds of projects on so its something I don't mind sharing with other to learn from and possibly make better with some kind of basic reporting feature etc.... so others can benefit as well. can be documented and even tutorial videos made to show how an application can be built with the platform. 

Database is in Postgres (my preference but should not matter in the end)

Tables : Users ,  contact, notes, tasks

2 Forms :

1) Login form -  user , password   with forgot password reset option

2) Main form with menu and tab control  to  add/ search contacts, with tabbed interface  for notes, tasks etc...

3) pw reset form

4) vaious message dialogues

5) data export form to export data to a csv file 


This would be a great app and process as it could then be documented in document or series of videos to show case how it can be developed.


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