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JSON.parse on String Variable

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I am try to clean up a JSON string from

{"v":"this is sample text"}

with the aim of obtaining the text value:

this is sample text


I have tried JSON.parse as follows, but it doesn't seem to work

string_value := JSON.parse('"'+string_value+'"'); 


What is the correct way of doing this?

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Hi @COMFIED, I'm not sure if the following answers your question or not.

Add System.JSON to your uses clause and run the following. Some follow up questions would be, is the object you are passing always a single key/value pair and is the name of the key known or not known? There are many ways to do this; some type safe, others not - just depends on your use case really.

  aString : String;
  anObject : variant;
  aString := '{"v" : "this is sample text"}';
  anObject := TJSON.parse(aString);


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